Who we are:

Hummy’s aim is to become the largest child-specific store in the Nordic countries based on an easy concept – to provide parents with everything they need to raise a happy child– from diapers to childrens’ room furniture.

What we believe and our main mission:

Our vision is to be a guide, a developer and a trainer in the world of children’s products industry. Outstanding quality in the market gives our customers confidence that the services and products provided meet the highest expectations. Our aim is to provide the most versatile and largest selection of products in the local market.

We are a reliable partner in child-specific industry to both professionals and regular customers. We strive to guarantee product quality, the best service and customer satisfaction.

Our values:

TRUSTWORTHINESS – we prioritize our customers’ and employees’ trust, we promise what we do and we do what we promise.

COMMITMENT – the professionalism and commitment of our employees will lead to the long-term cooperation and customer satisfaction.

OPENNESS – we are open to new ideas, challenges and developments, and we view changes as opportunities, not obstacles.

EFFECTIVENESS – we are diligent and goal-oriented, we work as a team and strive together for the best results.

PROFESSIONALISM – the professional products we offer are not on sale in regular supermarkets and customers can trust our recommendations.  


In order to strengthen our position in the retail markets, Hummy store acquires a fresh look and a customer friendly sales environment. In order to develop our brand portfolio and find new business partners, we regularly visit large international trade fairs in Germany, Austria, China, etc. We continuously and successfully work together with the Estonian biggest resellers and distributors of kids products.

Expand their imagination:

Our minds can easily be over-stimulated by bright colors, while children are inspired to create and explore in a calming environment. For that reason we like to keep our assortment neutral and minimalistic.  

Kids are the center of life:

The idea for Hummy’s came from young parents Ave and Anti. As lives changed, they embraced parenthood. New parents did their utmost to buy unique and timeless pieces from natural materials for their first child. Naturally, growing baby has lead them finding the best products for children.

They decided to start their own entrepreneurial business dedicated to distributing and offering sustainable, practical and eco-conscious products for children. The main desire is to inspire customers by offering a unique shopping experience with wide collection of high-quality brands.

Conscious living :

Hummy’s entire product range is regularly subjected to strict controls and meets the highest European quality standards. It goes without saying, that all products are free of harmful substances and safe for your little ones.

Supporting Children’s Health

At Hummy, we feel strongly about giving back to community. That is why we will donate a portion of all profits to Gifted Life Foundation, an organization we deeply admire. Apart from that, Hummy’s one of the greatest goal within the five-year time frame is to be the sponsor of Tallinn Children Daycare Institutions. Hummy hopes to fulfil an exemplary role for other Estonian companies and encourage them to work together for a sustainable development of the child health and education in Estonia.